Buunch.com Will be Closed From July 26th to Sep 1st. Please check back then!
Buunch.com Will be Closed From July 26th to Sep 1st. Please check back then!



BUUNCH METHOD Team building flower arranging classes are an incredible way for you to connect with your employees, colleagues and associates virtually. We have developed a fun, interesting and interactive flower arranging class that enables us to share our floral knowledge, design approach and #buunchmethod with you. You will learn to design like a pro, discover seasonal flowers, their meanings and even their therapeutic qualities.




  • Choose a class for your team

  • We will pack raw stems of flowers based on seasonality, material (scissors, kenza, vase, raffia, knife, etc.) and have it either shipped to you or hand delivered

  • Schedule a date and time 

  • Plan either a Zoom, Nexi, etc. meeting

  • Enjoy



  • Flower Therapy Class: Based on a synergy between aromatherapy, color therapy and flower meaning. You will learn about the quality, meanings and health benefits of each component of the arrangements, how to design a classic hand tied bouquet, our florist tips and design approach. $120 per person, excluding taxes & shipping.
  • Modern Ikebana: The philosophy, art and skills of Japanese Flower arranging and its variation by Ikebana Master Takaya Sato. $120 per person, excluding taxes & shipping 
  • Edible and Pet Friendly Flower Arrangements: Everything can be eaten: how to display your fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs artfully in your kitchen. $140 per person, excluding taxes & shipping
  • Seasonal Holiday Floral Decor: Halloween, Thanksgiving. Holidays Price may vary depending on holidays


Master Florist Takaya Sato & Event Designer / Flower Expert Caroline Bailly sharing arranging & design tips #BuunchMethod. For info contact caroline@buunch.com



  • Each class lasts about 1 hour

  • Deliveries: we can either ship the boxes or have them delivered; alternatively we can coordinate a local pick up from our Manhattan Location