Summer is upon us, and the city feels a like it's slowing down. Seasonally flowers get hardier to handle the heat and intense sun. This season's offerings are a humble and cheerful group - many with flat faces that open towards the sun. Colors become warm and saturated, and we love the textured grasses and wildflowers that flourish. This is also the prime time for garden roses and local hydrangeas.

Look forward to seeing:

zinnias, sunflowers, digitalis, cosmos, marigolds, allium, garden roses, lavender, delphinium, jasmine vine.


As a New York City and Hamptons based florist, it's important for us to design seasonal arrangements that work for every kind of space, from small lofts to Hamptons residences. We've selected vases that are suited for coffee tables, dinner centerpieces, nightstands, office desks or a deck with a seaside view. Though they vary in size and shape, they are typically not taller or wider than 12 inches. Our wooden hand should help you get an idea of the size of each arrangement. 

We also believe it's important to be eco-friendly as well as sustainable, therefore all of our designs are foam free. We prefer flower frogs, known as a kenzan, or hand tied bouquets placed in the vase. Avoiding floral foam also helps the longevity of the flowers.


Our team of flower hunters at Buunch are all experienced floral designers, each with a unique stylistic background, allowing a truly creative design process to thrive. Beginning with Caroline Bailly, she is the brains behind L'Atelier Rouge, and now Buunch. After working in events, fine dining, and floral design in New York City for many years, she believes in pushing the envelope and finding new ways to make every space beautiful through flowers. Our creative director is Takaya Sato, a floral designer who trained in Japan, and developed his unique style even further after moving to New York City. We have supporting designers who contribute their own styles to the mix, creating a look and feel that we hope continues to evolve. Our flower hunters believe in honoring each flower and it's individual beauty so that it can be fully appreciated. We combine elements of minimalism with a natural flair, making pieces that feel elegant yet relaxed and fun. Color is the driving theme for each of our arrangements, and our flower hunters take in pride curating the best available flowers for each color in every season. 

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During those difficult social distancing times we more than ever need to have somehow a sense of normality, spark our creation and find some fun DIY project for everyone to enjoy

Be creative and most of all have fun! and set up more than just a dinner but an experience for your family and close friends.

When it comes to designing table tops there are a few rules that you should know:

Flowers should not be higher than 12" you can to make sure you can chat and have fun with your guests.

Depending if you are serving a shared dish dinner or a plated dinner make sure that you do not have to much decor element on your table.

And if you are not sure about colors stay within one family. 

For 4th of July we tend to be leaning toward blue table top to remind us of the Summer vibes, the Ocean and have a calm cooling colors just not to feel hot ! hot a hot summer day !

and play with funky patterns as much as you wish.

Recently spending more and more time at home I have been obsessed and fascinated by removable wall paper.

Such as:

And rather than having a table cloth that never stays neat outdoors you can customize your furniture, give it an with a clean and easy application.

We love the idea of playing with as much patterns

- Use blue and white patterned napkins do not be afraid.

The last touch order our mini white and blue dutch hydrangea arrangement designed in white and blue chinoiserie vase.

Entertaining at home is fun and even more fun when creating with your kids and family. Playing with patterns can be scary but can be done in a very stylish way.

Enjoy and make sure to order your sparklers ! Happy 4th of July.




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Flower Therapy - Home Collection

Flower Therapy - Home Collection

Hello Flower People Community !

Early this month we launched our home collection, either weekly floral subscription or one time orders. 

Having hunted extraordinary flowers for about 2 decades our normal day would start by a flower market stroll, as it had become a routine we did not realize how important it was for us to be surrounded by flowers and plants prior to COVID 19...

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Validating our Existence- Through Flowers.

Validating our Existence- Through Flowers.

After creating florals for events and editorial projects in New York for almost 10 years, Buunch began as a way to share the flower magic with clients on a smaller scale. Our experienced design team is the powerhouse group behind L'Atelier Rouge events and floral design, and is an international mix coming from America to Japan, and more places in between!
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