New Season

Winter has officially arrived, and Buunch is gearing up for the Holidays! It is the coldest season of the year and offers a very peculiar mix of flowers and foliage. Although there is snow on the ground,  mother nature is fickle but still creates beautiful flowers that keep you looking forward to that first day of Spring!

Look forward to seeing: Bulbs, winterberries, winter greens, french tulips, snow drops, hyacinth, and anemones.

About Our Arrangements

As a New York City based florist, it's important for us to make arrangements that work for every kind of apartment, from lofts to shoeboxes. We've chosen vases that are perfect for coffee tables, dinner centerpieces, nightstands, or office desks. Though they vary in size, they are typically not taller or wider than 12 inches. Our lovely wooden hand should help you get an idea of the size of each arrangement. 

We also believe it's important to be eco-friendly as well as sustainable, so we do not use products that are bad for the environment like floral foam. We prefer flower frogs, known as a kenzan, or hand tied bouquets placed in the vase. Avoiding floral foam also helps the longevity of the flowers.

Flower Hunters

Our team of flower hunters at Buunch are all experienced floral designers, each with a unique stylistic background, allowing a truly creative design process to thrive. Beginning with Caroline Bailly, she is the brains behind L'Atelier Rouge, and now Buunch. After working in events, fine dining, and floral design in New York City for many years, she believes in pushing the envelope and finding new ways to make every space beautiful through flowers. Our creative director is Takaya Sato, a floral designer who trained in Japan, and developed his unique style even further after moving to New York City. We have supporting designers who contribute their own styles to the mix, creating a look and feel that we hope continues to evolve. Our flower hunters believe in honoring each flower and it's individual beauty so that it can be fully appreciated. We combine elements of minimalism with a natural flair, making pieces that feel elegant yet relaxed and fun. Color is the driving theme for each of our arrangements, and our flower hunters take in pride curating the best available flowers for each color in every season.