by Caroline Bailly on August 18, 2020

In our Buunch lifestyle section we aim to share our little secrets, one of them is that entertain at home is not that challenging, it is about making sure that you and your guests have fun, feel at home, share joy and keep wonderful memories of special moments together.

For that you have to have fun! 

Today we are going to give you a step by step DIY for a completely edible arrangement that you can design right now with seasonal produce from the farmer's market.

Here is what you will need: 

Yellow Marigold

4 Bell Peppers: 2 orange - 1 red - 1 yellow

1 bunch of yellow marigolds

1 bunch of orange marigolds

1 bunch of red zynnias

1 bunch of yellow fennel or dill

Tools: Cellophane wrap, carving knife, florist knife

Step By Step:

Cut the top of peppers (with the stem) as if you were doing some stuffed peppers Instead we are going to stuff them with seasonal flowers. Line the inside of the peppers with cellophane wrap. Pour a tiny bit of fresh water inside.

You just created your vases, now the fun begins

Remove the bottom leaves from each flower stems, cut the stems in an angle at different length, some short, some longer, some medium height.

Arrange the yellow marigolds in the yellow peppers, the orange marigolds in the orange peppers, the red zynnias in the red peppers and add taller stems of yellow dill to the yellow arrangements for a lighter feel.

Check that the arrangements looks good on all sides if you have a round table set them on a plate, if you have a long table set them as a runner.

Be colorful when it comes to your glassware, china, tablecloths and napkins, bright colors, bring great and fun energy to the awesome, healthy buffet / family style dinner.

Buunch Lifestyle Table Scape

On a side note this is a completely edible arrangement ! pet friendly, kids friendly, just make sure that you purchase organically grown flowers, which you can get either at Balsam Farms in the Hamptons, or at Union Square flower market when in NYC.