by Caroline Bailly on August 25, 2020

At Buunch we strongly believe in flower therapy, flowers are more than flowers...

Here are a few tips for your BEDROOM flower therapy and a quick floral recipe that will boost your libido, remove any type of negativity, sooth you and enhance your positivity when you wake up...

- 5 stems of fragrant garden roses (for your libido)

- 5 stems of fragrant geranium rosa (for positivity)

- 3 stems of tuberose ( aphrodisiac)

- 10 stems of fresh lavender (relaxing and soothing)

- 5 stems of sage (take away all negativity)

Cut the stems at different heights as an angle, remove all foliage from the stems, start with the big blooms, finish with the greenery. Make sure the flowers and herbs are balanced it is very important to keep balance for your home sanctuary...

You instinct will tell you when your arrangement is ready, make sure to have fun and enjoy designing.

Flowers and their fragrances bring emotions and memories, the last thing your will see and smell before going to sleep is your bedside table flowers and will be the first thing you enjoy when you wake up.

Give a try and we hope you enjoy these little florist tips...