by Caroline Bailly on August 12, 2020

It has been 5 long months and more than time for us to spruce our small intimate dinner celebrations and make them super extraordinary. Charmaine and myself are sharing a couple of our tips for successful entertaining.

Here are a few of our tips to spruce up your dinners, luncheons, brunch, mini anniversary, intimate weddings that will help enhance your guests experience, show them how much you value them and care for them and make them feel welcome in your home sanctuary. 

1- Napkin Accents: you do not need to be an experienced designers to come up with fun napkin design, you can simply use fruits (cherries) as in reference picture, mini bouquets made with left over flowers from your centerpieces, create napkin rings with either ribbons or raffia.

2- Floral design: You can easily source beautiful flowers from the farmer's market such as @balsamfarms in the Hamptons. Do not be afraid of buying pre-arranged local blooms bouquets, just pull them apart, clean the stems of foliage, cut the stems as an angle. One way to wahoo your friends is to buy different varieties of sunflowers, cut the heads and arrange them as a runner of flowers down the length of table. It is understated but for sure will had that pop of colors and happiness you are looking for.

3-Menu: We tend to favor buffets stations set up for us the hosts to enjoy our guests rather than pre-plating food. We love adding touches of edible flowers to our salads, desserts or anywhere we see fit. Make sure to make dishes colorful and cook some easy summer recipes with yummy seasonal fruits and vegetables you can source locally.


4-Beverage service: Nowadays we do love the idea of coming up with floral infused drinks, such as lavender simple syrup to splash in your cocktails.


5-Sounds / Lighting: Depending on your menu, try to select some fun tunes, we love jerk chicken, we love reggae, we love rum punch, music always sets the tones of the evening vibes, transition to stronger beats as the night evolves. Outdoor dinner parties should be surrounded with carnival lights, fairy lights, citronella candles and lanterns. The more the merrier

6-Guests: always provide your guests with hand sanitizers upon arrival and since we cannot drink / eat wearing a mask, I recently saw a mini wedding set up from my dear friend Marcy Blum (a master of ceremony and a genius when it comes to wedding planning) who set up mini booth, 6' apart for intimacy another dear friend of mine, Amy Shey Jacobs from Chandelier Event, arranged tables for 2 guests (couple), 6' apart and it was wonderful. Because at the end of the day how often do you get to be invited to a celebration and be able to just enjoy your soulmate?

We are all for partying and enjoying each others company, but we are all about safety and if we can figure out ways for us to enjoy each others let's do this in good company and full intimacy it is the occasion for us (hosts) to show our guests how much we love them and to spread joy to our friends and keep in mind we are here for you, Charmaine and I will custom design your intimate event from decor to food to drinks and more, we are just an email away and can wait to share our BUUNCH Lifestyle experience with you.

Happy Summer!!!!