Flower Delivery within 99 miles of NYC - verify your address at checkout


-We love sun, but keep flowers in a cool dark area to keep them fresh.
-Top off the vase with water as the flowers drink.
-Keep flowers away from your pets as some petals might be toxic.
-Also avoid putting them next to air conditioners or heaters.
-Typically your arrangement should last 3 to 5 days, or even longer depending on the variety.

-As we want you to enjoy your flowers for a few extra days, we send fresh blooms that may need time to open fully


Upon arrival, remove packaging, give an angular cut to your stems and size your bouquet to your vase, our rule of thumb is 1/3 vase, 2/3 flowers for good proportions, add room temperature water and enjoy !

Refill your vase with water as needed, avoid placing your flowers next to a heater or air conditioner, we want to you to enjoy your flowers as long as possible some blooms might need a few more days to open fully.

Our typical arrangement lasts 3 to 5 days depending on varieties.